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Our Grey Literature

HabitatIII: More Compelling Argument

Presentation given by Robert Buckley at the Policy Dialogue: Implementing the Habitat Agenda, exploring lessons learned and expectations for Habitat III. Organized by Cities Alliance, New York, May 26, 2014

Ghost Cities and Empty Houses

"Ghost Cities and Empty Houses: Wasted Prosperity" by Eduardo Moreno

UNDP-UHHabitat Strategy Paper 2008

Participatory Planning, Management and Governance. Medium Term and Institutional Plan (2009). By Michael Cohen, William Morrish, Anushay Anjum, and Lisa Guaqueta

Who Got What When

Who Got What, Then and Now? A Fifty Year Overview from the Global Consumption and Income Project. By Arjun Jayadev, Rahul Lahoti, and Sanjay Reddy.

Slow Violence

Slow Violence, Gender, and the Environmentalism of the Poor. By Rob Nixon

Urban SDG: Consultation on targets

Second Urban Sustainable Development Goal Campaign Consultation on Targets and Indicators: Bangalore Outcome Document

Expanding Envelope of Regularity

Selected indicators of environmental and human history, in Sustainability or Collapse: What Can We Learn from Integrating the History of Humans and the Rest of Nature?, Constanza et al. 2007

Avoiding the Ozymandias Syndrome

"[T]he idea of building industrial-scale new housing on the outskirts of cities, or of developing totally new cities with extraordinarily expensive infrastructure, is ridiculous... the creation of colossal wrecks that stand as mute testimony to misdirected adventures" must be avoided.

Path Beyond Paris

The Climate Justice Compendium goes beyond the fallacy and highlight years of struggle, passion and commitment towards environmental, social and climate justice. The writings found in this booklet are contributions from committed activists, researchers, scholars, feminists and thinkers who participate with wide networks of dynamic peoples and groups. They continue to push the limits in the quest towards global justice.

Urban Thinkers Campus

Urban Thinkers Campus - New York was held at the New School in October 2015. The Urban Thinkers Campus is a special initiative of the World Urban Campaign and UN Habitat to gather ideas from people around the world that are passionate about cities.

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